Let Me Introduce Myself

It seems a little strange to me to be writing an entire page about myself, but I think that it plays an important part in understanding me and why I am writing this blog…so here goes.

Fun fact, I went on my first transatlantic flight when I was 4 months old. Ever since then I have been so unbelievably fortunate to have spent my childhood travelling with my mom and dad. Now that I am older, I find my self constantly craving adventure and, honestly, my browser history reflects it; flight sales, best places to visit in 2017, cheap hotels in Rome, need I go on?

Half of my family still lives in England so it makes a lot of sense that travelling has been such a major part of my life, I mean, if I ever want to go visit my family I have to travel across the Atlantic Ocean! I think that since starting University last year, at the University of Western Ontario, I have been even more inclined to travel. Perhaps it’s that completing a degree in History means that I have a desire to go see the old cities in Europe or that I want to walk in the footsteps of great leaders from the past. I seriously doubt it is either of those but rather that travelling gives you a sense of excitement and intrigue that I haven’t found anywhere else.

I decided to start this site as I have found that there is a stereotype around travelling, that it is ALWAYS expensive. No one could argue that, yes, some travelling is expensive but there are so many ways of visiting amazing countries without having to spend a small fortune. More importantly, travelling as a student can seem overwhelming, paying for tuition as well as flights all over the world. My hope is that by sharing this page I will be able to show how possible it really is to travel on a student budget and have an incredible time doing so. I truly believe that travelling in itself is a learning experience.Travelling has been such an important part of my life that I hope to share the excitement of new places with each and every one of you.

My name is Rosemary and I am a Wanderful Student.


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